System Backup VS Partition Backup



  • I'm not sure what you mean by restoring in sections??? To get a bootable disk you need either a full SYSTEM or DISK backup. 

  • I meant using "Splitting" in the backup settings menu on SYSTEM or DISK backup...  If I do the whole 160GB at once the drive always shuts down before I finish, corrupting the ISO.  If I split it into, say, 30GB imaged pieces, I can complete each incremental chunk before it fails and/or redo a chunk when the drive crashed, but lock in the previous chunks.

    It also says AOMEI Backupper doesn’t support drives with 4096 bytes per sector?  Most NTFS drives are, so I don't get that know if that is a concern.

  • I never used that function. Good luck with it and post what results you get so others can possibly benefit from what you did.

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