Main Threads:How many Votes are needed?

  • So, I did a check in sugesstions an feedback to check if and how those suggestions have been implemented.


    New User Interface  cuple of votes

    Extended Information in mail report cuple of posts

    The capability to explore (expand) an image inside windows
    explorer instead of having to open Backupper to explore an image.  cuplo of posts

    Pause a running backup  cuple of votes

    Pre  an post backup tasks (any executables as .cmd. .bat .vbs .exe etc.) cuple of votes

    more detailed logs cuple of votes

    Ability to mount folder/file backup to volume letter cuple of votes

    Automated switch off computer in scheduled backup cuple of votes

    Secify backup path and and backup name separatele cuple of votes

    Mail-settings add user definable coment cuple of votes

    Ability edit backup task befor it is executed once
    Change Backup Location after scheduling but before first backup

    Logging Backupper Results (Success and Errors) in Windows Apllication Events

    Backup HDD with bad blocks  (ignore bad blocks option) forensic backup
    not possible without this option.

    Dear Users, you can easely check your self that your suggestion are simply beeing ignored for the last two years. Actually I like Aomei Backupper very much, but it is a shame to see competitor products have those features implemented. BTW I am using the Pro version.


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