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  • Hello!

    I noticed that the page titles of the forum in the browser (what is written on the tabs in the browser) for some reason was written Aoemitech although a company called AOMEI TECHNOLOGY.

    I think it's just a random error,which is better correct.

    With respect RusUser.

    P.S.: Dear admin ! I wrote You this December 20 in private messages,but You did not answer or don't even read my message,so I decided to write about it on the forum. Thanks in advance for the answer.

  • It's such a difficult name to spell out.

    from the source code of this page:

    <title>The error on the forum - Aoemitech</title>



  • Well,Yes, of course it was a mistake at the level of the forum and present while opening any page of this forum. So I decided to report this bug,so its fixed.

  • Thanks for the report. We noticed this problem and we will try to solve it ASAP.

  • Fixed, thank you.

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