Big problem !



  • Please uninstall the program completely, reboot computer and then install again.

  • Uninstall, after robtong and again try installing it

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    First, I can not restart, because this server is remote non-stop.
    Secondly, it is declared that Technicalian Plus should work Portable...or NOT?
    Thirdly, I have been facing this problem for two years already and I know that sometimes it helps, and sometimes it does not.

    Fourthly, I already found out that the problem is in the USB. HDD work normally. In this case, the server has two external USB-HDD and one USB-FLASH.
    If I remove them, then no reboot is required.
    And I wrote already that, in my opinion (imho), the case in UpperFilter in the registry.
    I'm certainly not 100% sure, but ... imho


    Earlier, in version 2.5 such error was without rebooting, if you copy partitions or disks (HDD). Then in version 4.01 this problem was fixed and now all HDDs are copied normally. In here the problem with USB remained.



  • By the way, the problem with USB is also in the AOMEI Partition Assistant: in the PreOS mode reboot must be performed manually (after timeout), and then - the error code = 2 (Failed to assign a drive letter for the volume)
    But the operation itself is completed normally.

  • HI

    I lost my license ! :(

    I have license from ,but i reinstall my system 

    and now when i reinstall AOMEI Backupper Pro license is invalid,please help me :(( !!!

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    If you have already purchased a license,please contact:[email protected]

  • This is from a giveaway !

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    If your licence is a legal one (sorry but I can't read the site you gave the link for image), try this way:

    1) Turn off your internet connection (pull LAN cable, disactivate NIC or WLAN or similar) while you're registering the software. You can see the MachineCode just as the screenshot below and copy it.


    2) Turn on your internet connection,and click the link

    3) Enter your license code and machine code into the right place and press "Get Offline Key"

    4) you will get an offine key , enter it into the box of the registration interface in the picture above, then press "Register"

    If it does not work, contact support.


  • I tried but said "invalid" 

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