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Big problem !

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Information Code:4140

The backup driver works improperly, you could restart the computer to solve the problem.

I unistall and reinstall but problem not change !

Please make update and resolve this problem !

System win.10x64 Pro 


  • Thanks for your feedback. Did you restart the computer immedaitely after you reinstall it?

  • DjDDjD
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    yes,i install free after trial pro and now is ok

  • Please try to download the 3.5 version to check if you will get the same problem. Please test it so that we can know the problem. You can download the 3.5 version from this link.


  • DjDDjD
    edited December 2016

    admin now is ok,but when install first I received Information Code:4140 ...

    Please tell me install steps ...

    Thank you,for this great soft

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    @ DjD   The 3.5 version is ok for you now, there is no error 4140, right? But you will get the 4140 error message when you use the 4.0 version. If it is, there is a bug of the version 4.0, we record it to our technicians, they will try to fix it.

  • Gentlemen, I have some good news for you.

    I can confirm that the 4140 error is not being caused by Backupper.  Instead, a bad Microsoft update is the problem, specifically KB3206632.  Uninstall this update and Backupper should work again.

  • Oops. It looks like I was premature with the update causing the problem.  I think we're looking at an actual bug.

    On the plus side, I was able to make a bootable "recovery" thumbdrive with 4.0 that worked perfectly.  I think the 4140 error is being caused by some change and/or conflict with Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy service (VSS).

  • @WmRTaylor Thanks for your feedback. Actually, the 4140 error is not about the VSS. When the software use the VSS to do the operation, if it fails to enable it, the software will invoke the AOMEI service to continue to do the operation. For the 4140 error problem, it is solved in the latest version 4.0.1. Please download it to use.

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    The problem of ambakdrv.sys driver error remained in version
    But it manifests itself only on USB-Flash and External USB-HDD.
    I think, while the UpperFilter in the registry will be used, the problem will remain.

  • @Victor_man Can you upload a screenshot of the error message?

  • Please uninstall the program completely, reboot computer and then install again.

  • Uninstall, after robtong and again try installing it

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    First, I can not restart, because this server is remote non-stop.
    Secondly, it is declared that Technicalian Plus should work Portable...or NOT?
    Thirdly, I have been facing this problem for two years already and I know that sometimes it helps, and sometimes it does not.


    Fourthly, I already found out that the problem is in the USB. HDD work normally. In this case, the server has two external USB-HDD and one USB-FLASH.
    If I remove them, then no reboot is required.
    And I wrote already that, in my opinion (imho), the case in UpperFilter in the registry.
    I'm certainly not 100% sure, but ... imho


    Earlier, in version 2.5 such error was without rebooting, if you copy partitions or disks (HDD). Then in version 4.01 this problem was fixed and now all HDDs are copied normally. In here the problem with USB remained.



  • By the way, the problem with USB is also in the AOMEI Partition Assistant: in the PreOS mode reboot must be performed manually (after timeout), and then - the error code = 2 (Failed to assign a drive letter for the volume)
    But the operation itself is completed normally.

  • HI

    I lost my license ! :(

    I have license from http://www.comss.info/page.php?al=AOMEI_Backupper_Professional ,but i reinstall my system 

    and now when i reinstall AOMEI Backupper Pro license is invalid,please help me :(( !!!

  • edited September 2017

    If you have already purchased a license,please contact:[email protected]

  • This is from a giveaway !

  • I tried but said "invalid" 

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