information code:4120

I'm trying to clone my HD but when I run it I get an error message: information code:4120  Failed to adjust partition size. 

The destination drive is smaller than the source drive, but there's plenty of room for what's actually on the source. The source, Disk 0, has 2 partitions containing about 55GB of data in total. The destination, Disk 1, contains 80GB completely unallocated.

Can anybody tell me why this isn't working and what I should do about it?


  • I am having the exact same issue!  Did anybody have an answer?

  • 1. You can use chkdsk.exe to check all partitions on the source disk firstly, if found errors, fix it with "chkdsk.exe /f C:", then try again.

    2. One by one copy each partition on the souce disk to destination, this means that use Partition Clone instead of Disk Clone.

    3. There may be some bad sectors on the destination disk, you could scan with some tools like HD Tune or Partition Assistant Standard -> Bad sector check.

  • This thread is a bit old but it is the exact issue I am having. 
    The Chkdsk solve is not a solve since there is no way I have a bad sector on the disk I am trying to restore to. 

    I have a back up of a working system. 900GB C drive with 2 parts. (Windows OS) 
    350mb recovery part and the rest is the main C drive which is using 51GB of space. 

    I want to restore it to a new disk. 80GB. No matter what I do, I cant get it to restore. It just always failes durring the partition phase of the the restore with:

    Restore is initiallizing...
    Checking Disk Volumes...

    Disk restoring...

    Information Code:4120

    Failed to adjust poartition size.

    I have been able to adjust the partition size on this disk with out issue and even install Windows on it. I dont see any reason this should not work. 

    Any help working this out would be appreciated. I am starting to think that non of my backups will restore using AOMEI Backerupper.

  • @Opserator you could adjust partition size manually, or delete the partition on destination disk and then restore again.
  • Just bought your software thinking it will made things easier but not the case...  Am facing this 4120 error code and the option to resize partition is not available...  Downloaded your partition software to copy from there and it ask me to pay again to support GPT.. .

  • @mstpub Did you perform a disk restore or disk clone?

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