Backing up and restoring 2 discs at once.

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Windows 10. with a programme SSD and a 1 TB Storage disc for docs/pics etc.

I use Backerupper.

When selecting to make an image of my two discs I select both 'C' and 'D'at the same time.....the above mentioned discs.

Is this correct or do I need to select and image them seperately to be able to restore them.

Something I have just thought about!!!!


  • You can put both in one image. But that is not practical at all!

    Normally you would only want to restore your system disk C if any problem comes up.

    And any missing or accidentally erased data on your disk D could easily be retrieved with the "explore image" option.

    If you put both disks in one image a restore would take a very, very long time if your only purpose is to do a system restore of drive C. And you might also accidentally overwrite newer docs or pictures on your disk D.

    So better: make separate images for system disk C and data disk D.

    In that way you could do weekly incremental backups of disk C and daily incremental backups of drive D...

  • Thank you,

    It's completely logical as you suggest.

    Apart from age I can't understand why I was so wrong in my thoughts!

    I have 3 PCs so will start backing up again in earnest!


  • Thank renehoss for your specific suggestions. It is very right, there another thing we will tell all your guys. When you choose to do the partition backup for the C drive not the system backup, when you do the restore, the system will not bootable, you just get the data.

  • My first two words were :-Thank you!?

    I normally do a 'disc image' back up which I assumed was the correct action to enable me to restore a disc?

  • Disk backup is the best way for you.

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