Extended Information in the mail report

I would very welcome some more information in the e-mail report:
- size of the last backup (last increment/differential/full - depending on backup schema)
- size of the whole backup (all backup data of the backup profile)
- size of the free space left on the backup destination (this is the most important info)
- the time the backup took from start till finish (we already have the start and end time, so its easy to calculate)
- a "custom note" for the report (imagine that you have several clients where the server has the name "SERVER")
you dont know where which report came from unless you check the backup destination.

I believe there is some more information which could be added.
If you guys can think of any, just add them to this thread. Thanks.


  • Thanks for your sugestions, we record them to our technicians, they will dicuss them.

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