New "AOMEI Image Deploy" software deploying one system image to many computers via network

The AOMEI Image Deploy software is released. It will help you deploy the system image or disk image to multiple computers.

Usually, when we need to deploy an image file to many computers, for example, there are 20 computers that need to be deployed, we can’t insert CD or USB into computer one by one and boot computer, because different computers has different configurations such as there may be not CD drive or USB flash drive portal in computers. In this case, AOMEI Image Deploy could help you to solve this issue easily.AOMEI Image Deploy is an image deployment software, which supports deploying/restoring a system/disk image to multiple computers over network.

The only thing you should do is to install and run AOMEI Image Deploy in one computer (may be a server) within LAN, and boot other computers (some clients or target computers) from network, and then you can do the system or disk restore/deploy.

You can click here to learn more about this new software:

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