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Weekdays as filename


I am trying to make 7 daily backup for each weekday, with the option to name the backup as Weekday. For exaple, I want  7 backups with the following names:








and want to replace this Mondays backup with 7 days old Monday backup.

I am doing it now with a batch file running by Task scheduler, but want to do from backup software, which informs me by email.



  • Why not create 7 different backup tasks, one for each day of the week with a retention of one full backup?

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    Thanks for the aswer, but in that case, it will create multiple backups for each day. To save the storage, I want replace each backup with one week older one.

  • You would create a task named "Monday" and schedule it to run weekly on Monday. You would select a "Full Backup" scheme and keep only 1 version. This option will replace your older backup.

    Create similar tasks for the other days of the week.

  • Thank you so much. Never seen this "Full Backup scheme and keep only 1 version" option before.

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