AOMEI Backupper Pro: Suggestions and issues



  • Thanks for great software. Really happy with real-time File Sync being added. I was able to get rid of a buggy app I'd been using for that.

    A couple of suggestions.

    1) I agree with the suggestion for a folder exclusion list for backups. This is common in most backup programs. I have a couple of large folders where I gather archives that don't need to be backed up and they considerably increase the backup size.

    The suggestion to edit the registry is not useful as it means managing the list outside the interface.

    Manually adding all the folders in File Backup except the ones we don't want is an option but the limits of the window size make this harder to manage and it won't automatically update as we add new folders.

    Perhaps another option here would be for you to add a feature to File Backup to add all folders, then just remove the ones you don't want. But again, this would miss new folders added later. An exclusion list would be more reliable.

    2) On real-time File Sync, it would be nice to have a versioning feature so we can have a few copies. (deleting the oldest as the newest is added) This would make it more powerful for key files. For example, if the file is corrupted and we save, File Sync will automatically replace with the corrupted file. If there was a version prior, that could be restored, saving the day. File Sync tools like Yardis and File Hamster do this.

    Certainly, the daily backup would be an option but when we spend hours on key files, we don't want that time lost.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • @pcripps @DavidFB Thank you guys, good suggestion, we will consider it.

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