AOMEI Backupper Pro: Suggestions and issues



  • Universal MBR and UEFI boot media

  • Suggestions:

    I like the software and it is simple to use. However, It will be great if they have the option to backup and restore Sharepoint, Exchange, and databases such as MySQL.

  • admin: thanks for the feedback! One more suggestion - would be awesome to have feature to backup through FTP, for example websites.


    I've change the registry, however AOMEI still backs up the excluded folders and files.

    Is the entry "Z:\Temp /s" correct if I want to exclude the folder "Temp" including all files and subfolders? Or I should do "Z:\Temp\"." /s"? Or something else?

  • @speedkater: I wrote in #7 something like:

    Z:\Temp\*.*  /s

    *.* means all files and /s means including subfolders.

    Have you tried that?

  • JohnnyboyGo: Yes, I've tried, but it works in a strange way - it doesn't backup only ~half files from those folders

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     it doesn't backup only ~half files from those folders

    I have no idea what you mean, please elaborate.

    When I do this, only the folder structure (the folders) is in the backup not the files in the folder. If I look at the properties of the top folder in the backup it reads: 0 bytes, 0 files, 15 folders (or some other # of folders) while the actual original folder is:68,9 GB, 57 files,15 folders.

  • JohnnyboyGo

    I said a bit wrong about half of the files, it depends.

    For example one of the folders on my PC has size 252Gb and 23803 files, after backup I explore the image, this folder has 101Gb and 15216 files.

    The other is 53,2Gb and 77 files on PC and 21,7Gb and 16 files on backup.

    I have no idea how AOMEI chooses which files to back up or not.

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    @Speedskater, so you mean half of the number of files of Z:\Temp is in the backup although the registry entry of FilesNotToSnapshot is "Z:\Temp\*.*   /s " ? 

    Can you make a screenshot of the FilesNotToSnapshot entries ?

  • I’m using AOEMI Backupper Pro on a Win10 workstation, but also have been using Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) on Mac OS for some time & is still the most full-featured backup suite I’ve used to date.

    Could I suggest two features that would be highly useful for AOEMI:

    1) add to event triggers a ‘when disk mounted’ option. In this way, backups can be created on demand by (say) simply powering up a JBOD. More flexible than the other scenarios and/or time-based.

    2) Related, create an ‘all back-ups pause’ feature that overrides above (1) if required. In the case of CCC, this defaults to 1 hour, but can be made to be any temporary duration.

  • I would like to use the backup on shutdown open so that the computer gets backed up at the end of a working day. The trouble is that users sometimes need to reboot their computers during the day. If they do this they then have to wait for the backup to complete which can take a long time.

    It would be nice on shutdown (or sign out) to have a message 'Backup will start in 30 seconds' and have the option to cancel the backup before it starts.

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