Error code 4102

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Emailed the following to support and was referred to the FAQ for this particular problem. I did try that initially and have tried it again with no result.

Any help/comments please?

Have used the Backerupper on 2 modern machines for some time....both running Windows 10....on both 'C' is an SSD and 'D' storage is a HDD.

I always select 'C' and 'D' at the same time to back up an image to 'E' which is an external HDD (in both cases).

One machine is now giving me a Code 4102 'Failed to read file' error when checking when the back up is finished.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled Backerupper and used different external HDDs as the target.

I uninstalled Standard Edition 3.2 and installed 3.5.

The error still appears.

Your advice Please.


  • Did you check the answer from the FAQ?

    Please do not worry, you get this error message when the software check the backup image on the backup finish. There is something wrong with cheking the backup image. But the backup image file is ok to use. You can just ignore this error. If you are worried about it, you can try to check or explore the backup image manully.

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    Thank you. I accept this as the answer and will close the subject.

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