Multiple disk restore for system cloning/imaging

Good Afternoon,

Ihave been using Aomei Backupper for years now, and have purchased a Technicianversion. I am pushing other MSPs I know to purchase it as well. I use it to backup servers, and desktops. I also use it for image deployments. Recently Iupgraded 40 workstations to SSDs. I set one up, backed it up, and restored itin advance to all 40 disks. Unfortunately I have to run each restoreindividually.  

Itwould have been really convenient if I could have restored the one backup fileto all (or a lot) of the new disks at one time. I have a ton of USB hard drivereaders. If I could have hooked up like 10 to my PC, then told Aomei to restorethe image to all 10 of the disk it would have saved a lot of time. It would nothave to restore them all concurrently, it could have done them 1 at a time. Aslong as it did it without human interaction. It wound not matter how long therestores took, it could have run over night.

Thiswould be a great value added feature to see in the future, and a huge sellingpoint.    


  • You want to restore it to all 40 disks which are in different computer?

  • For multi-computer restoring, you can try to use AOMEI Image Deploy for your need. 

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