Conversion to Windows To Go Workspace combined with universal restoration

Today I used Aomei backupper to prepare a Windows 10 laptop with my friend, but I had to use another program to leave the external HD as a Windows To Go Workspace.

The suggestion is that the user to carry out restoration and universal could have this function to convert a local installation to laptop.


  • Sorry, we do not get you very clearly.You can create the bootable media to do the universal restore, why you need the Windows To Go? Hope you can give us more details.

  • Ok.

    Let's say that I resture an image for an HD portable using universal restoration, and want to turn on "Windows To Go Workspace". Alone the universal restoration does the work?
    Well then I could have this option of converting the space where it was restored in the "Windows To Go Workspace"

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    To better understand realizaruam for conversion of the portable unit used the WinToUSB after the universal restoration.

  • OK, we get it. But our software cannot support it currently. We will imrpove it. Thanks for your support all the time.

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