Backupper & Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

I don't think Backupper is compatible with Win10 AE.

If you upgrade from an earlier version to AE, Backupper works if it was already installed.

But if you try to install it on a clean install of AE, two drivers give a signature error and after a reboot, Windows won't boot anymore (blue screen - inaccessible boot device).

Be warned!

Tried with Backupper 3.5 free.


  • Sorry the software cannot perfectly support the anniversary version currently. As you know, it is the latest version, we do not test it before.We are tesing it now, and we will make it compatible in the next version. Please give us more time.

  • I do have the same problem as Milli.

    Win 10 AE (Vers. 1607, Build 14393.0) causes a signature error after reboot. The problem are these two drivers: ambakdrv.sys and ammntdrv.sys

    Do you know when this problem will be fixed?

    regards, Manfred

  • We will fix it in the next version. Thanks for your feedback.

  • edited September 2016

    See this thread for more information on this issue.

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