Backed up a UEFI disk on a Windows 8.1.1 laptop and after restore it fails to boot

I have 2 identical laptops - one has Ubuntu and the other one has Windows 8.1 Update 1 (UEFI setup).

I used the free version and successfully created a WinPE bootable UEFI USB drive.

I booted from that USB drive on the Windows laptop and created a full disk backup.

Then booted on the Ubuntu machine from the same USB drive and restored the same backup.

After rebooting the laptop Windows fails to boot and asks me to repair the installation using a source disk.

I looked for other tools that can do the backup/restore and tried Macrium (free) - it did the backup slower than Aomei.

When I booted from the Macrium USB drive to try expanding its image it shows the destination disk with the exact same partitions but as an MBR disk instead of a GPT disk.

Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?

I like Aomei very much and if this problem gets corrected I will not look back to Acronis or Macrium.


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