Backup to SD card produces 4103 error

I have a 128GB SD card I use as my Aoemei Backupper Pro backup location. The card is plugged in to the SD slot on my Dell XPS15 Windows 10 laptop.  

I can successfully schedule file backups to the SD card, but when I try to schedule a full system backup I get a 4103 failed to write error immediately after a backup starts.

The SD card is exfat formatted with a 128 kilobyte allocation size.  For Backupper settings I am using the defaults.

If I use a partition on my hard drive for the full system backup location the backup is successful.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem?


  • Sorry for that we do not handle for the SD card. Maybe it is sucessful or not. Please try to backup it to the local destination and copy to the SD card.

  • So many laptops nowadays have SD card slots, and with the low price of 128GB cards I would think it a no-brainer to backup to the SD card location.  Are you saying that there is an technical reason that this can't be fixed?  On my system it is so close to working (the system backup is successful if I run it manually, it seems only the scheduling feature is the problem).  Wouldn't it be a positive improvement to Backupper to treat this as a bug in need of a fix?

  • We will try to test in the future and thanks for your feedback and support. sorry again for the inconvenience.

  • Similar problem with SD card. Trying to back up from an sd card using disk backup and/or partition backup and backupper sees it but cant let me select it in disk backup. In partition backup it doesnt think it is partitioned, it thinks it is unallocated. I can do a file backup from it. Windows Disk manager sees it as a partitioned disk and knows it has some files on it.

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