Pre Backup / Post Backup .bat files

Hello, my data is stored in a Truecrypt Drive, and I need to run a batch file to mount the volume and attribute the letter before starting the backup itself (pre backup option).  If failed, the backup should be cancelled (cancel if batch failed option). Also, after the backup is done , another batch file must be run to close the Truecrypt drive, and dismount it. (post backup). Add an option "Run only once" for both PRE/POST options, and for the POST option , add a possibility of running the batch on : succes, warnings, failed, each one should be selectable so we allow to perform the POST batch according to the results of the backup.



  • "my data is stored in a Truecrypt Drive,"

    You want to back up the data in a Truecrypt Drive. Sorry our software cannot support to back up the encrypted data.

    And also we do not get your problem clearly. Hope you can tell us more details. What is the sentecne?

    " I need to run a batch file to mount the volume and attribute the letter before starting the backup itself (pre backup option). "

    Waiting for your reply.

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    @Admin, I think MichelG makes a suggestion to automate the backup procedure.

    1. Let a BAT or VBS perform a specific task

    2. If 1. succeeds (no error) then perform the Aomei backup

    3. Let a second BAT or VBS perform another specific task. The result of the Aomei backup should be known to this post Bat/VBS. Errorlevel or something, so the program can react to that result.

    The Bat or VBS files will be written and programmed by the user.

    I for instance do the same for a system backup, but I do it manually since I see no other option:

    1. Move big VDI files to a location that is not included in the backup

    2 Perform the Aomei backup

    3. Move the VDI files back to the original location.

    MichelG asks whether it is possible to include the pre and post Bat (or VBS) files in Aomei.

  • Thanks Johnny, thanks for your addtional information. We will search it with our techinicians.

  • @MichelG - if you backup the whole partition, you dont have to take care about that. The truecrypt data storage file is for the filesystem a file as any other. You can backup it whole.
    Or are you using the file backup part of the Backupper? I dont see the point here.
    You are using encryption for higher security, but you will break the security by storing the password in a batch file. That is not a good way to maintain security.

  • Hi ! No, I want to run the .BAT before running the task to OPEN the Truecrypt container , and when the data is backup, running a .BAT to close the Truecrypt container. This is very easy, and done by many other backup software. A PRE/POST option for batch files for a task to be run.


  • I've asked for this rudimentary feature years ago ...
    Nothing happened ...

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