[Backupper] No "Edit Backup" Option

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I am using Backupper v3.2 in Windows 10 Pro x64.

I have tried creating a System Backup, a File Backup and a File Sync. All are created fine, but none of them allow me to edit the backups after creation. The "Edit Backup" option that I understand is meant to be under the Advanced menu is simply not there. In fact there are several options under Advanced that the manual says should be available, but I only get "Schedule Task" and "Delete Backup".

Any idea why I'm not able to edit my backups?



  • Ok I managed to figure out that the backup needs to be run successfully at least once before you can make any changes to it. I feel like this is something that should really be mentioned in the User Manual.

    The problem now is that I had set up quite a complex backup with several paths and many filters. When the backup ran, it encountered a file path that was apparently too long and refused to continue. So I now need to recreate the backup job from scratch and try to remember all of the backup paths/filters that I had already set up, and add another filter to exclude the long path that failed previously.

    All in all a big headache which could have been made a lot easier if I could just edit a backup regardless of whether it has run successfully or not.

    It would also be nice if the backup job just skipped the long path and continued with the backup job instead of just stopping the whole thing.

  • "I feel like this is something that should really be mentioned in the User Manual."

    Thanks for your feedback, very appreciate it.

    1, Do you run this backup before?

    2, How many bytes in the source file path?

  • Agreed!  The method of building a backup is quite cumbersome and not being able to edit is a real pain!
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