Main Threads:Backing up more than one Partition
  • I like to back up my partitions separately into their own folders.

    It seems that I can only do one partition at a time.  It would be

    convenient to be able to set up a number of backups (as with

    Paragon) and have them all done.

    Also in each folder I find a sub-folder "My Backup" which is

    annoying and unnecessary.  Reminds me of "My Little Pony".

    I don't expect to find anyone elses backups on my computer!

  • You can add as many partitions as you want in Partition backup. It states: Select the partitions or volumes you need to backup. And My Backup is the default task name, you can change that and name it anything you want before hitting Start backup

  • Yes, you can backup many partitions at a backup task.


  • Of course you can directly select more than one partition while do partition backup. You can also change the task name to what you want.

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