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I've probably evaluated or used just about every backup program out there over the decades. Most products I have used were enterprise versions. Nearly all of them have had reliability problems, poor support, and way too expensive.

After playing with Backupper 1.6 for a long while, I became extremely impressed with your product. I am now running technician plus version 3.2 in an enterprise scenario.

I think (and hope) Aomei is soon going to dominate this market. But I have found several critical items missing for this product, things that really need to be added if you want to compete in the enterprise space:

1. Version numbers (so inventory programs can tell which version is installed on multiple systems)

2. Published silent install switches and "usage statements" in the executables for install/uninstall (ie - BackupperFull.exe /?)

3. Ability to upgrade from within the program itself.

4. Ability to upgrade on top of existing older version.

5. Management console (to see clients, remotely execute/view tasks, and upgrade clients)

6. Timers showing estimated and actual time when task completed (helps with sheduling large number of systems)

7. Obviously fix the smtp problem

I'm sure I will think of others and will update this list as I do.

Keep up the good work!


  • 1, What is version number? 3.2 or Aomei backupper professional edition?

    2,We have no idea of what you say, hope you can explain it to us again. Sorry.

    3,4 We will consider that in the future.

    5, We are doing it, please wait.

    6, It is a good advice, we record it, maybe we can do it in the future.

    7, We fixed it in the next version,please wait.

    PS: Thanks for your support, any questions, just tell us. We will try our best to meet your requirements.

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    1. Version = 3.2

    See below where this program says Product Version, your programs need this information.


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    2. Silent switches are like this...

    type in CMD:


    Your already have these in your program now, but you don't tell us.

    Usage Statements are a help file that you place in your program to list which switches you have coded into your program. To see the switches available the user types

    BackupperFull.exe /?

    Makes sense?

    See... http://www.adminarsenal.com/admin-arsenal-blog/install-silent-finding-silent-parameters/

  • Thanks for your additional inofrmation. We got the "1", we record this suggestion.

    For the second one, we will discuss with our tecnicians. Thanks for your suggestions again.

    Very appreciate them.

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