Computer only boot on AOMEI

I just tried doing a recovery backup with onekey. everything seem to work fine as intended. i can restore on from my backup recovery no problem.

but now after some trial of recovery now my computer only boot on AOMEI. i cant boot on my windows 10. i did the recovery and it did recovery successfully but still only boon on AOMEI onekeyRecovery


  • run

    bcdboot c:\windows

    from a bootable media, in the Windows command shell. (The drive letter of your partitition where Windows is, could be different from c: in the bootable media).

    This usually fixes it.

  • "i can restore on from my backup recovery no problem. "

    Are you sure you do the recovery sucessfully?

    PLease try to do the recovery again.

    "now after some trial of recovery now my computer only boot on AOMEI. i cant boot on my windows 10."

    Maybe because you do not recovery the system perfectly.So please try to do it again.

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        i just tired recoverying from a backup again. it say progress 100 percent and the last line says All operation are complete sucessfully

    when i click finish and reboot the computer it goess right back up to AOMEI OneKey Recovery screen.

    the computer no longer ask me if i wann to boot to WINDOWS 10 or AOMEI OneKey Recovery


        im downloading windows 10 iso right now so i can boot on windows shell

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    It probably doesn't help you now, since you cannot boot into Windows but anyway:

    Download Free EasyBCD

    The easiest way to manipulate (add delete,alter) entries in the bootmenu.

    It is also possible that after you install Windows 10 again on another partition (or in a VHD) and you install EasyBCD it can give you access to boot your original Win10.

  • jaysix79 ,Sorry for that, we do not know the problem. But you need to create the the bootable USB with Aomei Backup in another computer, then you can restore the image.

    Finally, you can boot from the Windows.

  • Admin, I made a bootable USB using AOMEI backupper. While using the bootble USB, the drive where my backup is not showing which is B:, but using when i boot on ONEKEYRECOVERY my drive shows up and i can restore using that with no problem. except it doesnt fix the booting issue.

  • okay i was able to use the bootable disk. while on ONEYKEYRECOVERY i copy the backup file to a drive that is showing. i was able to restore using AOMEI Backuuper standard successfully but still same problem.. computer boot stright to ONEKEYRECOVERY.

  • I was able to fix it... first i was having trouble using bootrec /rebuildbcd, i keep getting an error so what i did was I delete everything on my 100 mb partition where EFI/Microsoft/Boot was.

    i did that by using diskpart on command line and asigning a leter on for that partion and formated it....

    Since i was able to copy my backup file creaded by ONEKEYRECOVERY to another drive I boot my computer using bootable USB created by AOMEI BACKUPPER. I set the path to where my backupfile was. recovery it and then that fix my boot issue hopefully for good

  • Say thanks to you.image

  • actually thank you Peter13feb, JohnnyboyGo and admin for helping you guys gave me idea on what to do and try.

    one thing to add to this for those who might get the same problem is... after doing all the aboave steps. Next is to delete the AOMEI partion. that is 800 mb. i dont know whats causing it but the problem came back after a few reboot. soo i delete that partion and the problem never came back.

    once again thank you guys for helping.

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