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  • Hello everyone,

    Can anyone tell what are the most important diferences are between the the free and the pro version of Aomei Backupper.

    Thanks for all comments

    Geert Van Osch

  • Hello,

    I have a valid licensekey from Aomei Backupper Pro with number

    AMPR-8X64Z-E12W9-5SQO5  with my e-mail adres;[email protected]

    But after a upgrade to Aomeibackupper Pro version 2.1 last week my key is becoming invalid and i just have lifetime upgrades from Aomei Backupper Pro.

    Can you please help to make my key valid again about resetting my key.

    I hope hearing soon from you,

    The support section from Aomei on "[email protected]" is not responding back to me


    Geert Van Osch

  • I;m using windows 8.1 x 64 bits

  • Gvanosch,

    Tech support will most likely be the ones who can provide an answer.  Please be sure that you are checking your spam/junk mail folder in case the reply went there.  Aomei tech support usually replies fairly quickly. 

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