Backupper very slow backup to NAS

This seems to have just started with the latest version(s) of Backupper, but when I perform a wireless backup to my network attached storage, the backup speed is ridiculously slow. Often then backup will start with 18-24mbps range but soon drop to 1-2mbps and simple system backups might take over 20hrs! Both the computer's & NAS drives are error free & testing throughput between the devices with outher programs puts the speed at 80-300mbps. I have tested on 2 seperate routers & 4 different computers but all have shown dramatically slower backup speed recently. I have disabled the QOS option on the routers to elimante that as a possibility. Only other change is that all of the systems were recently upgraded to Windows 10.

Any thoughts as to why the backups over wireless are performing so slowly? Thanks for any help or suggestions.


  • What the version you use? standard? How many datas of your system you need to backup?

    And also,, please try to backup to the local, then how about the speed?

  • Any update on this ????
  • I am having the same problem !!!
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