Main Threads:AOMEI Backupper - reboot system after install
  • It is necessary to reboot the system after installation (load the driver ambakdrv.sys)

    But there is a system that is not always possible to restart!!!
    Once this problem is solved in other products:

    R-DriveImage, Terabyte Image for Windows, Drive Cloner RX, ShadowProtectPE...

    Whether it is planned that decision in AOMEI Baskupper?

  • Is there extro message which informs you to reboot?

    Actually, most customers do not need to reboot when install the software.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • No, after the installation, there are no reports on the need for a reboot.

    Backing up files is proceeding normally, and disk and partition with an error:

    "Information Code:4140
    The backup driver works improperly, you could restart the computer to solve the problem."

    After rebooting, backup disks and partitions is working properly.
    The problem in the driver ambakdrv.sys, Is for it to work requires a reboot.

  • Sorry for the inconvenience.

    You need to uninstall it manually, and re-install it.

    Please try again.

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