I ran the clone feature on AOMEI BACKUPPER standard on my pc that has 2 identical drives. I deleted the clone drives partitions and reformatted.Succesfully cloned the entire drive onto new one,but would not boot.So I used a Boot usb to get the win repair feature up. No good could not find a restore point and every thing came up with a locked drive?

Did some searching and was able to chk drive with disk manager not locked or in read only mode.

Then found an entry with same problem and the fix for me was.

Restart with your boot disc or usb into windows repair options open command prompt and type one command at a time and enter. I just then restarted and was all good ,another post said you can go back in to Win repair and try again..Cheers                       bootrec /fixmbr
         bootrec.exe /fixboot
         bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd                

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