exploring backups

It's still needed to explore an image via the backupper.

It would be easier to restore a specific file from a backup if this could be integrated in the explorer.

So that an image can be explored by double-clicking it or by the context-menu.

Actualls *.adi files are not associated with any program.




  • Yes,you can explore the image in Aomei Backupper.

    For example, if you backup a disk, you can explore the image and copy the file you want out.

  • i know ... but not directly via explorer ...

    only by using aomei backupper -> tools -> mount

    and unmounting needs the same way ...

    would be perfect, if *.adi-files where associated with aomei backupper and a double-click or the context-menu would ask for mount or restore and opens the chosen way automatically.

  • Same here.  But I would add this:  How can I Explore an Incremental Backup and see ONLY those files in that backup set?

  • You also can explore the image, then you can see the contents.


  • I already tried that.  Several times.  It shows me all the files in all the backups as if merged onto one, not just the files in the single backup file.

  • Sorry for that. If you explore the incremental part image, it will rstore the whole contents in order to protect the data you backup.

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