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PGP Encrypted disks support

Recently I had to migrate a couple of HDDs to SSDs, the challenged was not only the fact that the SSD disks were smaller than the HDDs but the HDDs were also encrypted with PGP which increased the complexity of the task.

I tried a couple of softwares including AOMEI, which I have into high consideration, and I have also contacted AOMEI and others companies to check their ability to support PGP encrypted disk, I was able to find only one product which allowed me to complete this task flawlessly in about 30 minutes and would greatly appreciate if AOMEI include in their future releases support to PGP encrypted disks. I think that supporting PGP encrypted disks (not sure if it already supports bitlocker) will increase the level of brand reliability and maturity and also increases it market sharing. Regards.


  • Thanks for your suggestions,we record and submit it to our related department,they will cinsider it in the future.Merry Christmas

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