PreOS fails with abort and information code 11. Code 11 is not documented.

What does information code 11 mean when in the PreOS environment?  This is on an ASUS 1001PX running the latest Windows 10 when attempting to migrate the OS to SSD.




  • I don't know but it would probably not matter, and I have tree suggestions. I suggest not migrating, but backing up disk and restoring to the new disk. And make sure the old disk is MBR and new disk is MBR, or old disk is GPT and new disk is GPT. And detach the other disk when booting first time into Windows.

  • For the error 11.

    Solution:Create a WinPE booable media so that do the operation you want to do in the WinPE.

  • To be clear why don’t you say how about using a USB stick and create a boot media to be seperate to the source and destination 
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