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Windows 10 Backup Requirements

I recently installed Windows 10, and when I go to do a system backup, I'm unsure what I have to backup to insure that I can recover from a totally crashed disk.  It would seem I have to get at least the System Reserved and BOOT partition, but what about the newly created "Recovery Partition"?  I don't see any way in the backup for the system to select multiple partitions.  I want to have a backup that I can boot from the recovery USB drive and restore a complete working disk image.  I separately backup the DATA partition, so that doesn't need to be included.



  • If you want to use your USB to boot your PC and restore the backup you need to create the Win PE bootable disk and then store the backup image on the USB.

    When you use the USB to boot your PC you can restore the image on it.

    What's more,the system backup will backup all your partitions which relate to the system automatically.

  • I backup to a separate physical drive, so I shouldn't need to backup to a USB drive.  I have the WinPE boot system created and tested on a USB drive.

  • I know That if you backup the system drive it automatically backs up the boot Partition, I think it does the recovery partition as well. Just try it you will soon see what it does.

  • I did fire it up, and as you say, it got the boot partition as well.  I'm still confused as to what that 450MB "Recovery Partition" is used for, but apparently it's not necessary.

  • BTW, I didn't mention it, but the Recovery Partition is not backed up when you do the system backup, just the boot and Windows drive.

  • to recover from a totally crashed disk to a completely working disk you need a disk backup.

    to recover from a crashed system (bad software install, windows goes awry) you need a system backup.

    From your description (boot, system reserved) you have a BIOS firmware and an MBR disk. In that case, AOMEI system backup will just do the boot and the system C:\ partitions.

    The 450MB partition seems the Windows Recovery environment of Windows 10, but I do not have it on my virtual BIOS-type computers, and it is at first sight strange that you have them on a BIOS system, natively installed by Windows.

  • The system backup will backup your whole C drive and the boot partition.

    If you want to use the recovery USB drive to restore your system you need to make sure that your USB bootable.

  • Maybe that's the Windows AIK/ADK that I installed to originally install AOMEI?

  • As for Windows 10,when you use AOMEI to create bootable disk you need to download ADK.

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