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  • Hi,  I couldn't find a discussion about changing over to Backupper after already creating OneKey.    I didn't really know about Backupper when I installed OneKey and just needed to get something backed up.    Now I'm running Backupper, and OneKey still is imposed on the OS startup and there are harddrive partitions to support it.    

    It seems there are various options:

        Should I uninstall OneKey?   How undo the Bios changes?

        Should I let OneKey and Backupper coexist, making a separate full system backup using Backupper?  (This is what I did)

        ....many others

    What do  you suggest?    Sorry if I've repeated another discussion - straighten me out if I have.    Great programs!   Thanks.

  • Thank you for contacting us.

    The Onekey is a part of Backuppper which only supports you to do the system backup and restore.So if you installed backupper and make a full backup by using it you can uninstall Onekey.

    And as for the recovery partition which Onekey created you need to delete it by yourself manually.

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