Wrong "captcha error"

If I dreate a new topic, add title and text and captcha, the click "Preview", then edit the text, I often see "captcha error", although the entered text exactly matches, see screen shot. After click to "Post Discussion" a new captcha is generated, and with this I can post the topic. Obviously there is some change of the capture internally, not shown but used for comapre with user input.



  • I have also seen this. I sometimes have to enter the captch twice before it works. Also, occasionally I get a gialog box that just says "100" pop up when I hit the Post Comment button. What's that all about? :-)

  • Of course, a "gialog" box is the same as a "dialog" box .... just spelt incorrectly ...
  • Hello to all,

    Sorry for the current inconvenience. We are building another forum of our own right now (the current forum is based on open source), when it be finished, it would be more convenient for users to disscus there. 

    Best Regards,
    AOMEI Support Team

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