split disk command

The split disc command is very useful. However when splitting C:\, the resulting data disk D:\ is not right, and requires re-formatting. The fact is D:\ after splitting still has security restrictions like C:\ that it should not have, and they disappear on formatting again. Pls take note of this, thanks in advance. I think so.


  • Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion.

    We have recorded your suggestion and we will send it to our Tech Team to make improvement.

    Besides,may I ask what do you mean by that Security Restricitions?

    And if possible I'd like you to explain your suggestion more detail.

    Thanks a lot.

  • As I wrote D:\ has restrictions like C:\ that it should not have (cannot copy into it, right-click then New does not work). After formatting D:\ it can be used normally. Tech people will easily test it and know what it is (Windows 8, Windows 10).

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