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Locate backup location when it has moved.

I suggest to be able to find and indicate the backup, when it is not at the previous place, but has moved.

Example 1: Backup was to E:\backupfolder\backuptask. Now it is no longer in E:, but  in F:\backupfolder\backuptask (change of drive letter).

Example2 2: Backup was to E:\Backupfolder\backuptask. Now it is at F:\JohnPCBackups\backuptask (change of drive letter and folder).

Right now I do edit the location in tasks2.2.xml (with Admin rights), as a temporary fix. I wish be able to indicate the new destination location in AOMEI Backupper.


  • Thank you so much for your suggestion.

    We will send your advise to our tech team to make it.

  • Hi friends:

    I totally agree with the request of the title and just wanted to make it. Now I only want to elaborate on the reasons that "Locate backup location when it has moved" were implemented:

    1) Let to continue with differential or incremental backups.

    2) Restore the same.


    I use my PC as administrator and I cannot find a way to continue the backups. Also Ihave problems to restore them.


    Thank you very much for reading me.

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    Hi Jakomar

    1) for continuing previous backups, edit file C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR\tasks2.2.xml. One has to run Wordpad with admin rights and open the file.. There change just <Image Path="D:\.....\" .

    2) For just restore, click Restore in the left pane, and in the lower pane select the image. There is no need to edit tasks2.2.xml.

    This did work with me. Additionally it makes sense to assign drive letters in Disk Management, such that the backup disk always gets the same drive letter. This avoids the issue. And C:\ProgramData is an invisible folder.

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    wrong post

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