Recovery - Information Code:4143


After latest update of Win10 to (Version: 10.0.10586 Build 10586)

AOMEI Backupper Standard Edition 3.2 (free edition) cannot restore previous images:

when trying to restore backup (system restore) stored on another disk in the same computer ends up  with message:

Restore is initializing...
Checking volumes...
System restoring...
The program is preparing for Restart Mode. After complete the preparation, the computer will be restarted automatically and enter into this Restart Mode. If the program is unable to restart the computer or failed to enter into "Restart Mode", you could see FAQ to solve the problem.
Information Code:4143
Failed to create the Windows PE bootable ISO image, the operation cannot proceed. Please try to make the Windows PE bootable ISO image by clicking "Utilities" -> "Create Bootable Media"

- it happens with all backups

- backup images are O.K.

From AOMEI "View Logs" I got following statement

UEFI Restore Note: your system is UEFI boot (not MBR boot) ....


The problem is that I haven't done any changes in BIOS and I certainly don't have UEFI boot capable BIOS. Is it possible to force AOMEI back to MBR boot?

AOMEI has been working perfectly and restoring backups was not a problem. Just after latest Win10 update I can't restore backups.

I didn't try to restore images via bootable image yet.

If any additional logs needed please contact me.

Best regards


  • When you restore your backup you need to get into Win PE environment to finish.

    But the program failed to create Win PE so you need to create it manually by yourself.

    We apologize for the situation you encountered.

  • The strange thing is that it worked before latest win10 update. Windows were able to boot and restore backups without my interference.

    Manual restore via Win PE booting from USB flash drive works O.K. though.

    I hope that next release of AOMEI backupper will fix this and no need to boot from other media with Win PE/Linux will be needed again.

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    I've been running Restores from Restart Mode successfully every time on Windows 10 with a Plextor PX-256M5 Pro SATA SSD. I started getting Information Code 4143 when I installed a Samsung NVM E 950 Pro M.2 SSD. 

    If I plug the Plextor back in and boot from it, I can perform Restart Mode restores without issue. Not sure if this is a Win 10 or SSD isssue.

    The problem does not occur on my Windows 7 PC which also has the same Samsung M.2 SSD fitted.

    Please give us a fix for this AOMEI.

    Asus Maximus Extreme VI motherboard, Intel Core i7 4700K, 16GB Ram

    Samsung NVM Express 950 Pro M.2 SSD

    Asus Hyper M.2 X4 Mini adapter card mounted in PCIe x 4_1 slot

  • Error code 4143 is that there is no Winpe. Your copmputer cannot go into the Winpe mode to restore for the computer enviroment. We are so so sorry for that.

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