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Dead Pendrives : AOMEI Comes to rescue


I'm new here and I am here to share my experience with AOMEI.

I had 3 pendrives all detected and formatted by Windows, but, finally rendered useless with the message:

"Formatting could be completed".

That was as far as the OS could take and no further.

For soultion, I Google-searched and one of the sites recommended using AOMEI.

I installed this nifty utility,

1 - to delete partition

2 - to create new partition, and finally,

3 - to format the pendrives.

Bingo! It worked!

Now all 3 pendrives are functional without trouble.

Thank you, developers of AOMEI Partition Assistant.


  • We feel great honor that our software helped you out.And thanks for your support.

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