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What is AOMEI in your mind? And what is AOMEI's outstanding feature? (eg. Google is an Internet company and its outstanding feature is online search; Facebook is a SNS company and its outstanding feature is connecting people.) Also, you can talk more about AOMEI here.


To show our appreciation, every participant will get either AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional or AOMEI Backupper Professional for free. Thank you in advance!


  • AOMEI Backuper should have option to backup files/folders to cloud drive (dropbox etc.) without installing cloud storage client on PC (like in bullguard backup) this can prevent files lost in case of cryptolocker'like attack...

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    Aomei is a very respectable backup/restore solution that focuses on efficiency and speed.

    I personally love how lightweight Backupper and its services are

    I would love backupper to have real time backup (one way sync) options. It would be nice for things like important pdfs,word documents, etc.

  • My amtivirus (Bitdefender) is unhappy about the password protected files.  Is ZipCrypt really necessary?  Could you use another compression program?  7Zip does a GREAT job and puts out zip if you want.

  • @NaPeK, bigboy678, ColonellronMike

    Thank you all for your comments and we do value it.

    And, I believe that you all have received my email for product license business.

  • I love AOMEI backupper for one reason , I have tested almost all the other products on the market.

    I used two identical hard drives and made and restored dozens of system backups over and over again.

    The only one that NEVER  FAILED to restore was AOMEI backupper. !

    Some never worked, ever!!!!

    I just did a complete re-install of Windows 10 and started a schedule of system backups.

    After about 4 successful backups They started to fail! I looked into this and found out it was MY FAULT. I had converted my drive to a GPT drive before I re-installed win 10. And searching this site I found out that AOMEI does not backup GPT drives yet. aaagh!!!

    So theoretically the first 4 successful backups I had made shouldn't work?

    I formatted a spare drive as an MBR drive and tried to restore from the last one before the backups failed.

    I never expected it to work but it did ! AOMEI had converted a 4 partiton GPT drive into a 3 Partition fully working MBR system.

    So even when it shouldn't have worked it did! incredible!

    Oh and I could have converted my drive back to MBR using a partition tool. I looked around for one that could do this (without losing all my data) and the only one I could find was AOMEI partition manager professional ! I nearly bought it but fortunately I tried this first so I didn't have to.

    My only problem with AOMEI is the scheduling . I wish it was easier to understand but probably  it's just me.

    Mike Pooley

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    You really have a lot experience with backup works!

    And, for schedule backup, maybe this article can help you to understandard it more http://www.backup-utility.com/help/how-to-schedule-backup.html

  • You said that AOMEI do not backup GPT drives,may I ask the site where you found this information?Or send us a screen shot.

  • Must have me confused with someone else.  I know AOMEI works great with either GPT or MBR drives.

  • AOMEI is peace of mind.  

    "You have to back it up to get it back" as they say, but sometimes doing a restore can be tricky.  Twice, with a different company product, I've restored an image only to find I've deleted my Data partition, because the instructions or interface wasn't clear.  Luckily, I did have multiple backups so all was not lost, and it was still better than reinstalling Windows and then all the programs.

    I'm hoping the user (meaning me) will be a little more savey the next time I have to do a restore.

    I'm sure I'll do better with AOMEI Backupper.  I'm looking forward to using the program.

    Backupper Pro would be my choice if the offer is still good.

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