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We'd like to know what the position of AOMEI in your mind, so could you please answer the question below:

What is AOMEI in your mind? And what is AOMEI's outstanding feature? (eg. Google is an Internet company and its outstanding feature is online search; Facebook is a SNS company and its outstanding feature is connecting people.) Also, you can talk more about AOMEI here. If you prefer email, you can email us at [email protected]


To show our appreciation, every participant will get either AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional or AOMEI Backupper Professional for free. Thank you in advance!

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  • AOMEI makes easy to use software utilities for managing and maintaining computer systems and user data.

  • I'm not a computer technician, a simple Rooter computers. But without it today can not live, because the fact of being a direct and to my knowledge program, is what consumes less resources compared to competitors.

    Another fact that I believe impressive not only for minutes but for other users is the high-speed backup and recovery. The Aomei PE Builer it's just amazing since it combines all the tools and turns into a true backup kit.

    In my parents do little help to friends to format your machine when the problems, but virtually all computers are installed and backed up. Think how easy life of human beings, because when the problem any longer restore the image held.

    Like any program, a mistake there another bug there that is fixed over time. Just think for people who are techniques in computer might have a portable version. It would greatly facilitate life.

    Well that's it! Aomei until I die, or computer I'm writing this message fails once!  image

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    @paul1149, @vagn_32,

    Thank you both for your valuable opinions and they do help.

    BTW, what product do you want? AOMEI Backupper Pro or AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro? 

  • I would say that where Google is an Internet company whose strong point is online search and advertising, and Facebook's social networking software is considered the best for connecting people, AOMEI would be a software data backup company whose products are both powerful and easy to use. I have found Backupper to be an invaluable resource which has saved me that most precious commodity, Time.  As for me, I like Backupper, so Backupper Pro would be my choice.

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  • I have been using a popular  Imaging software for years and I love it. But over years it has grown into many directions and the too many features that it offers have actually discouraged me in trying all the features. I buy a backup software just to backup my system reliably. That's all I want.  I have also been using a popular snapshot software. It is fast and very handy. Yet I am not sure how reliable it would be in case of an emergency. I have downloaded and  tried many other solutions. AOMEI Backupper Professional is one of the tools I tried.

    Modern and sleek looking interface of AOMEI created a very good impression on me even before I began to use it. Installation was easy. It did what I wanted it to do - backup reliably. I visited the website. Again it was sleek and modern. Hundreds of discussion threads gave me the confidence that it is a growing company. The price is reasonable. I searched the web, and I found words of appreciation everywhere. AOMEI Standard version is better than a few other paid programs in the market. 

    Google in the beginning did one thing the right way - help people search and get find they want.  I would feel great if AOMEI do just one thing the right way - help people backup reliably and restore the system when they need - without any failure.

    I am sure AOMEI will do it.  



  • Reliable solution at affordable cost is what comes to my mind when I think of AOMEI software. A friend recommended AOMEI backupper standard and I immediately began to love it.

    Thank you.

  • I equate the solutions being created by AOMEI to be similar in nature to the type of utilities and solutions that Winternals used to create before Mark Raussinovich sold his company to MS. (Winternals main product ERD commander is now known as DaRT and is only offered to the select few who have expensive software assurance for select volume licensing scenarios...  The rest of the Winternals software is found on the Sysinternals section of MS website.) Ultimately there are certain tasks users of Windows find themselves needing to perform at times, but unfortunately for most of the computer users in the world the knowledge to perform these tasks are almost purposely cryptic in nature and feel more like afterthoughts of the Windows Development Team.  Performing these tasks may make your life easier, or in many cases they mean life of death to your windows installation.. Without the prerequisite skill set to understand the tasks, tools and documentation available from Microsoft many users would be faced with the reality of losing their Windows installation and customizations, some people spend months, or even years tweaking and tuning windows to their own usage habits.. not to mention possibly losing items from windows security stores, your saved credentials, or maybe your identity in the form of private keys, to unlock the encryption to gain access to your data you wanted to keep private so you encrypted it, maybe even your data itself depending on your skill set.  People may still not realize that having a copy of the files that were on a your OS isn't quite the same as being able to find a way to get the OS to boot again.  AOMEI is a miracle for people who may find themselves in situations like this.

    I think AOMEI should continue to identify other tasks related to profiles, security, customization, or any task which deserves a "better way" than what the developers of windows ultimately made for themselves.. Ultimately there is probably a bunch of things we all experience in the realm of Windows Maintenance and Setup which could be deserving of the AOMEI magic touch.  Maybe there should be an alternative to get a product like DaRT (Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset) from an alternative souce since it is only offered to the select few in the highest end of the volume licensing spectrum.

    The tools which AOMEI provides already seem to fit the exact gap in the market which ERD commander use to provide, and DaRT currently does, confusingly at best.  AOMEI's tools that match up with those found in the DaRT package are already far superior to the ones being offered by MS..  Taking a close look at DaRT may provide AOMEI with some possible paths to think about in terms of expanding your product catalog.

    Ultimately..... This is what I think...

    AOMEI creates software tools to simplify some of the most important administrative tasks that are otherwise much more lengthy, convoluted, and time consuming to perform using the tools, techniques and documentation available from both official and non-official sources.  These tools feel like precision crafted instruments that have been honed into a software tool that is not only FULLY comprehensive but also suprisingly easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface that just feels right.


    Richard Graver

    Previous MCSE Certs under my belt, MS Certified Professional  / Trainer / Taught MCSE boot camps at one point in time.

    Now I just consult and devise network solutions based on MS and Open Source

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    Thank you so much for your precious analysis and suggestions. DaRT does worth our exploring through. And, "make a software tool that is not only FULLY comprehensive but also suprisingly easy to use" is actually what we are pursuing for. We hope that we can make our products better and better to benefit our users.

    Thanks again!

  • AOMEI is easy to use and most importantly, reliable. With AOMEI I can be sure I can get my system back and that is really important.

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