Unable to restore large backedup file - please help!!

I am recieving the following error when attempting to restore files from a backup AIF file. Terribly frusting because no such error was recieved during the backup itself. Restore is being executed from the same external drive (NTFS) to the same PC hard drive (NTFS) as the orignal backup. THe PC has been reinstalled with WIndow 7 and has all of the recent windows update. Please help!

Information Code:4162

Single file is too big. The target file system does not support, please change other location and try again. (Because FAT12 supports single file up to 32MB, FAT16 and FAT32 support up to 4GB, maybe this cause error. So we suggest you restore to NTFS, EXFAT or other file system that support much bigger single file.)

Thank you.

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