cloning HHD with two partitions

I have to copy/clone my HDD on SSD. At moment on my HHD there are these OS (with dual boot):

- Windows8.1                                (partition "C")

- WindowsServer 2012 R2          (partition"D")


I have installed "AOMEI PA Professional" on Windows 8.1 partition.  I have tried to clone HDD (both partitions) but at the end of the operation I have no more dual boot and I'm able to "use" and boot only with Windows 8.1 system. I have no more "dual boot" even if there are all files and directories on SSD in partition "D".


Is there away to clone both partitions on my new SSD with dual boot possibility?




  • Our
    software can't copy the dual system. It only can copy the boot ability of current system (C:drive), other
    partitions (include D drive) will be copied as data partition to the destination

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