Swopping HDD with system for SSD - how to?

I want to replace my HDD with an SSD (HDD is 500 GB, 10” Notebook – Windows 10 System = approximately 70 GB used on 500 GB HDD). I have bought a Samsung 850 Evo 250 GB SSD.  The Samsung SSD comes with a SSD Management Software“Magician” which you can normally also use for Data (system) Migration from old Drive to the SSD (it is a Cloning process). However I have read that this Software does not work with Windows 10, and people have lost their Data trying.

So I look for other solutions and thought about using the AOMEI Freeware Software which I already have on my computer and on my 10” Notebook.  But in another forum I read that AOMEI does not allow Cloning from Intern Drive (HDD) to an external Drive (SSD) and there is no place for an additional (2nd) drive in this 10” Notebook.

 In this forum question/reply it was stated that the person should use the system backup option.

So I try to figure this out:

I have an intern 500 GB HDD with the system on it

= I make a system backup to my new but still externalSSD 250 GB

And then?

 = (?) I remove my (old) HDD 500 GB from Notebook and put in (new) SDD 250 GB

And then just start Notebook with SSD in it - andbackup system in SSD just works as normal? (That this is then my new system?)That’s it, that’s all?

(My old HDD is no longer connected)


Is this right? 

And if this is right: what settings should I use to make sure I get all ?

(the 500 GB HDD has also a System Restore Partition on it - however this System Restore is for Windows 8 - and I now have Windows 10 as System - so this Restore is outdated and useless - I am not sure how to deal with this either = just delete it (or not include it in backup [= which settings for this???] ), or try to put in a Windows 10 ....????)

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