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Just to say Thank You

As the title implies , Thank you for supplying Partition Assistant as FREEware as you have helped me to repair and organise my PC after trying several other programmes that promised to do the same job but did not . Even software from my the makers of my new hard disk couldn't do the job without " upgrading " to the full ( paid ) version . What has taken me several days was accomplished in some 3 hours yesterday and has saved me from having to re-install the OS ( triple boot - XP - Vista - W7 ) and recovering other data ( just think of emails - download links etc , etc ) . All that is left is to create a bootable DVD ( for future use ) and I'm done .

It's a shame that I didn't come across your software earlier , it would have saved me some grey hairs ! I will certainly be recommending this to anyone I know .

Again , Thank you .



  • Hello John,

    It's very pleasant to hear that you solved your problem with our product. We will keep making efforts to improving our program. And if you have any questions or suggestions while using our product, please do not hesistate to let us know.

    Best Regards,


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