Information code: 4101

Anyone know what "Information code: 4101" means and how do you fix?


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    Hello RichH,

    As for this error, please check the suggestions:

    1.      Verify you have sufficientprivileges to write to the location.

    2.      Verify the destination can beaccessed in Windows.

    3.      Try to back up to a localdevice if it fails to write to an external drive or network destination.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to let us know.

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  • Kim, I have the same problem in two different networks. I can add NAS and set target folder. I can create folders and files over explorer on destination. I have more than enough room. Still get 4101... 

  •   Ausführungszeit: 07.11.2015 16:07:56

           Name: My File Backup

           Operation: Voll-Backup von Datei

    Ausführungsergebnis: Fehlgeschlagen

          Fehlercode: 4101

         Beschreibung: Datei konnte nicht erstellt werden.

  • I just started having this problem--and no network is involved--just a separate hard drive.

  • As a new user to Backupper, I'm getting the same errors. Backing up to a NAS device, but only on occasion. NAS is fully accessable by windows both as a nas connection, and as a volume mount. Last message was a 1401 error, but the log file seems to indicate a GPT type error. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Can you send us the log file so that we can better analyze the problem?

  • And the answer is???????

  • For which one problem?

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