How long can I expect converting an active boot drive to GPT to take?

Currently working on a computer here that needs another OS for dual booting yet the HDD needed to be set to GPT to do that. This led me to using the Partitian assistant. I checked that the motherboard supports EFI and then I set it to convert the primary HDD that the OS is installed on.

It's been like this for half an hour now with "1.Convert disk 3 to GPT" under pending operations. I don't see anything else that indicates the progress so far or anything that says it is even doing anything at all. How long should I expect this to take? The drive is 660gb used out of 1.8tb and it's a pretty fast computer. I expected to be nearly done with the OS installation by now if it weren't for the requirement for the disk to be GPT.


  • Well it's been 5 hours with no sign of the end and no idea how much progress has been made if any, the program hasn't changed at all. The OS should have been installed hours ago. I'm closing the program and hoping I can find a spare HDD somewhere to install it on instead.

  • Six months and no response?

    I have the same question.

    Using Partition Assistant Pro (Demo Version) to convert a bootable system disk from MBR to GPT. 

    The conversion has been listed under "Pending Operations" for two hours now, but I don't know what I'm waiting for and I don't see any sign of progress.

    Can't find anything relevant in the FAQs. This is the most relevant thread I've found here.

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    Alrighty . . .

    I finally gave up and closed the Partition Assistant app -- fully expecting the conversion to be incomplete and my MBR disk to be trashed.

    On exiting, the app asked me if I wished to "commit the changes that were pending". The app had been doing NOTHING the whole time I sat there staring at it and waiting for it.

    When I responded "YES", it said: "Demo version can't do that".

    That was another thing I searched the AOMEI web site for, prior to downloading and installing the demo version.  I looked for a list of this version's limitations and found nothing. All I found was an assurance that I could enjoy all of Partition Assistant Pro's features for 30 days.

    Not exactly true.

    I think I might really like this product, but my experience has been less than stellar so far.

  • Sorry for the misleading. You have the demo version which cannot apply the operations. Yes we have the product you can have 30 days trial but it is for Backupper not Partition Assistant.


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