Necessarity and turn off creation of SYSTAG.BIN and AMTAG.BIN?

As far as I can see Aomei Backupper creates two files SYSTAG.BIN and AMTAG.BIN in the root directory of the backuped partition.

Whats the prupose of them?

Assume I (accidentially) delete these files manually: Are later Restores still possible?

Can I suppress somehow the creation of these files?



  • SYSTAG.BIN is created by AOMEI Backupperand AMTAG.BIN is created by AOMEI Partition Assistant, both of the two filesare used for distinguish system partition from others when you boot from thesoftware’s bootable medium. You can delete them, but when you perform anyoperation, they will be recreated again. This is a default setting. On theother hand, even you deleted them, the system partition can be recognized asnormal when you boot from the bootable medium. However, we still suggest you’dbetter keep them for later use. 

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    I have some safe ways to check all strange files that I find on my SSD. I simply use Notepad to look at them. Edit the files extention like this:


    To be sure you can always hover a file first.... an empty filedescription is always a concern.

    Second you can 2x click the AMTAG.BIN.txt... a file without any readable words is a concern.

    As JustinGao just said... this file is harmless, bcoz there isn´t a load of characters and symbols inside, so it can´t be a virus. The file is like the INI files for settings and so...

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