Does Backupper support PCI RAID Cards ?

I store my backups on an external enclosure connected to an add-on card.  Backupper does not see the disk when I boot from the WinPE USB Flash that I created.

I tried adding the drivers although I do know for sure that they are not needed.  The enclosure takes 4 drives (using port replication) but the one in slot #1 is visible by the PC without drivers.  I can actually see my drive in the BIOS.  I tried connecting the drive to sata port on the MB and then it worked, Backupper saw it so I know it's not an issue with the drive.

So the question is.  If my BIOS sees the disk although it's connected to a RAID Card, shouldn't Backupper also see it when I boot from the WinPE USB flash drive ?

Hardware/Software specs.
Windows 8.1 Pro
Enclosure is a Rosewill RSV-X4-X.

The tha comes with it is the RC-211, it uses a si3132 chip.

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