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Backup of HDD with bad blocks

I just tried to make backup of HDD partition which contained bad blocks, and after about 20 hours AOMEI Backupper said it failed to backup because it encountered bad block (or read error, don't remember exact error message).

I think in this case it's reasonable to notify during backup (without asking for confirmation), skip bad blocks, backup what's readable. Then notify user again in the end, of course, listing files which are damaged/were not completely read and maybe even ranges of non-read (filled with 0s) bytes for each file.


  • Hi AntonDerbenev,

    When you backup,please certain that the disk doesn't contains bad blocks.

    You may dowload a professional disk tool to check and try to repair bad blocks.

    Thanks for your advice, we will improve it as soon as possible.

  • Thanks for response. That was huge HDD connected over USB. Chacking for bad blocks would take another 20+ hours. "Repairing" them is rather impossible, that was hardware failure.

    It's possible to remap them, but in that case more data can be lost, so it's better to backup first, and this is what I tried to do :) I ended up using another ulitity for backup, but if auto-skipping bad blocks would be incorporated to Backupper, it can be huge improvement.

  • Thank you for your advice, we will improve it as soon as possible.

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