Backupper Not Aligning Restored GPT System Partition Correctly

I've been using AOMEI's Partition Assistant and Backupper for a couple of months, and I really, really like them, but I have one problem:  when restoring a system backup, Backupper doesn't seem to make any effort to align the partition on a 4K boundary.  Or even a 2K boundary.  After doing a restore tonight, I checked the properties with the partition tool, and it's not even on a 1K boundary.  It starts on sector 337365.

The problem may be that this is a GPT drive on a UEFI PC, so there is an extra EFI partition of about 100 MB that is backed up and restored along with the C: partition.  Backupper seems to put the 100MB partition on a 4K boundary, but not the main partition containing the C: drive.  

Another factor may be that I'm not restoring it to the original drive.  I have two physical drives in my PC, and I back up the system partition of Drive 1 to Drive 2 so I have it as a base system, then I can experiment with new programs on drive 1, and once I get them configured the way I want them, I take a new backup and make that the new base system on Drive 2.  So even if I make my main drive unbootable, I have the base system on drive 2 ready to go, to restore the system on drive 1,  or whatever.  It's a lot easier and faster than using the WinPE environment.

I even tried to be smart and restored the 100 MB partition separately, then resized it so that it ended on a sector one less than a multiple of  8, then restored the C: partition separately.   But for some reason, Backupper deleted the 100MB partition when it restored the C: partition, and even then the C: partition still wasn't on a 4K boundary.

So now, after I restore a system partition with Backupper,  I have to run the Partiton Alignment function of Partition Assistant to get it to start on a 4K boundary, which takes more time than the restore itself.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there an option I missed in Backupper to align the restored partition correctly?  If not, can you please fix this?

Thank you.


  • Hi Tony,

    As for your query we feel sorry, the current version of backupper doesn't support aligning partitions. However, the next version will align the partitions. When it released, you may have a try. 

    Best Regards,

    AOMEI Support Team

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