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Backupper screwed me up big time

To make the story short

I need to clone my laptop hard drive to a SSD

So I took both of the drives out and connected to my desktop PC to clone.


Apparently it is absolutely critical that the right source and target drives are selected. I triple checked the drives, and I am absolutely sure I had selected the correct source and target drives.


Backupper can't perform the cloning on the fly within Windows; it has to reboot and perform the cloning before Windows login.

So I rebooted, and I let Backupper do its thing and cloned the drives. When its done, I disconnected the 2 drives, and rebooted.


Guess what, I was stunned when I somehow managed to login to my laptop Window screen on my desktop. Since I had removed the hard drives I already knew I am screwed. The wrong target drive has been overwritten.


My theory is the hard drive letters changed during reboot and Backupper didn't realize it.


You really screwed me on this one, BIG TIME. I have tons of valuable photos and videos I have taken. And they are all wiped out. I seems unlikely I will be able to recover any of it.


  • Hi rhapsody,

    you could try to make a bootable media to clone.

    because of the driver's lost,and bootable media provides a function which can add drivers.

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